Devan stone co., LTD. Founded as a comprehensive stone enterprise in 2004, Industry has a business scope covering

stone import & export trade, production & processing, plant & home decoration and mining operation.

Devan has the first-class polishing and arc and special-shaped production line, with the production of high-grade

plate capacity. The sample plate produced by the special-shaped stone exquisite and elegant, best-selling at home

and abroad, won the user's favor.

As a large stone industry company, Devan stone industry adopts the way of low cost, high quality,

high standard, large quantities, scale management to participate in the competition, and with many large foreign

stone suppliers, the quality of Devan stone has been widely recognized in the international market.. In the US,

Canada, Britain, France, Australia, the Middle East and other countries have achieved a broad market share.



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